Sri Balyogi Premvarni Ji was born in 1933 in a village in North India between the sacred rivers of Ganga and Jamuna. Early in life he developed a strong interest in the science and philosophy of Yoga and at the age of 10 he left his family to live in the hills and jungles of Chitrakoot.He travelled to the valley of Rishikesh in the foothills of the Himalayas where he studied under the direct spiritual guidance of Swami Shukdevananda Saraswati of Parmath Niketan for 3 years. During this time he served his Guru in the form of Karma Yoga and began mastering his Asana practice. He also studied with Swami Sivananda of Sivananda Ashram and Swami Yogeshwaranda Saraswati of Yog Niketan. They advised him to continue his formal education. He later completed several years of college. He then pursued an intense Sadhana (spiritual practice), living in the jungle caves jungle of the Manikoot hills and on the banks of the Ganges in the upper Himalayan regions of Gomukh, Gangrotri and Uttarkashi.


Swami Ji's Asana Practice 1958

In an extraordinarily short time he achieved mastery of 500 Yoga Asanas, 100 pranayamas and all the important kriyas, bandhas and mudras associated with Kundalini Yoga. Through the practice of Raja Yoga and Gyana Yoga he attained deep and profound realization of many levels of being and consciousness.His inner experience led to mystically inspired poetry which reflect his love of divinity. His poetry has until this time been published only in Hindi. His volumes of poetry; a trilogy entitled Sangam (confluence) and a book called Hridayangam (enshrined in the heart) have been widely admired throughout India by spiritual leaders and literary masters. They have praised the esoteric quality and high mysticism expressed by his poems.In 1960 Swamiji established the International Yogant Academy in Swargashram in Rishikesh in a beautiful and secluded jungle area overlooking the Ganges. Since then he has been dedicating his life to awakening superconsciousness in spiritual aspirants from all parts of the world and teaching all aspects of Yoga. His techings emphasize the importance of balancing the body through Hatha Yoga and ECO Therapy, Clarifying the mind through study of sacred texts and meditation and purifying the heart through devotional practices. By these methods a person can experience the true enjoyment of the senses the attainment of mental peace and the realization of the ecstatic bliss of the Self.

Swamiji and Joe Miller, Sufi Master San Francisco

Throughout his life Swamiji has been graced by the close company of many wonderful friends and would like to honor the spiritual companionship of: Swami Asangananda Saraswati Mahamandaleshwaharji chairman of Parmath Niketan, Swami Chidananda Maharaji, BKS Iyengar, Ram Das, Harish Johari, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Swami Satchidananda Ji, Baba Muktananda, Swami Rama, Mother Hilda Charlton, Rick Ramana Das, Krishan Dutt, Vaidik Rishi, Yogi Amrit Desai and Ved Bharti Ji.As a spiritual guide Swamiji relies on inspiration, experience and the process of integral yoga to convey his message. His unique style inspires growth and transformation in his students. Some of Swamiji's students are, the Late Mary Jean Braille Dharmananda of Brussles, Goa Gil Mangalanand Trance guru, Phillip Moffit of the Life balance Institute, Professor Alex Pappas, Peter Oswald of the University of Basel in Switzerland and Hiroshi Kurakawa.Swamiji is currently in retreat in his own Sadhana but continues to teach serious spiritual aspirants and gives daily darshan to seekers around the world.