Meditation & Yoga Retreats

Omkar! We are very glad to inform you that after a year again we are going to restart our yoga retreats & courses (YTTC) from 15 of March 2021. If you are 18 or above 18 years having interest in yoga sessions can join or contact us.

You will get the most spiritual experience according to our Indian Yoga Sanskriti.

In our ashram Yogesh/Instructors or teachers will pass you the real knowledge and other aspects of Yoga.

These yoga retreats are just not like the lecture or poses of asanas. We have arranged all the things in a very systematic way.

Why should you join us?

Our yoga school/ashram works with the healing powers of nature & holy Ganges, every morning starts with the triple sound of Shankhayan and mantro uccharan of Lord Ganesh, Yogik Kriyas/Detox in the lap of Himalyas.

We provide our retreats resident's the purity of Himalayas nature with the Satvic Balanced Diet. We always arranged a suitable class schedule according to every age-group.

7 or 14 Days Retreat Overview

  1. 7 days & 6 nights accommodation for 7 days retreat. & 14 days & 13 nights accommodation for 14 days retreat.
  2. One asana class.
  3. One pranayama class.
  4. One meditation class.
  5. One anatomy class.
  6. One yoga philosophy class.
  7. One weekly tour of Himalayas.
  8. Question & answer (every evening)
  9. One full body ayurvedic body massage(optional).

Note:- The maximum attention will be given to the location of the seven chakra in human body, their mantras & various effects.

What does the retreat includes?

1.Yoga materials.

2. Breakfast, lunch & dinner (pure satvic & nutritional) & Indian best traditional herbal tea.

3. Free pick-up service from nearest airport/railway stn.

4.Yoga books.